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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Those Darn Little Tooters

I kept meaning to keep to a plan but some how life pulls me in anther direction. Like today Murphy and I was going up and pull up the older flooring on the shed.
Last night deer got in our newly planted strawberry patch. So we was hoping it would be ok until over the weekend.
Murphy and I put up a game fence.
Opinion time... I would guess other place have a deer of over abundance. If they want to help the needy in our area
They could (fish game) either harvest some of the deer and take it to local food bank. Or give so many tags out for those who are needy and need the food.   
Resent price to deer hunt is $33.50 for a combo fishing and hunting license. And deer tag is $20.00 that comes to grand total of $53.50.
It pretty simple the deer and geese have be came vermin and mostly the deer in due time will be horrible inbred. They need to be harvest and letting the needy have the meat. 
We have a our dog Daisy and our neighbor has two dog and deer just ignore and walks though your place munching on what every.

My friend Liz and I been trying to put on Earth Base here in our community. She came up with what we should call our little group "Spairfiterea" and it eclectic which mean all Earth Worshipers and Seekers are welcome.
There was 11 and that is our 2nd gathering. My self I consider my self an eclectic pagan, I don't recall everyone faiths. But I did learn of a new Earth Base faith called ODINISM.

They wear  what is I believe is Thor's hammer. or known as Mjolinir and there made all sort of ways.
I wad quite please with our gathering. Our first one was a flop only four came.
Our next meeting will be end of May, Last Monday of the month.

Changes are happening to our little town of Bonners Ferry. Basically an entire block been bought out.
Our only variety store is going out. Anyhow I heard a few rumors what going in.
Since it rumors I just won't get anyhow hope up at this point.

Well down the road past the Rex Theater is a consignment store and fabric store. There also leaving.
A LITTLE MORE QUILTING but there moving into what is now Radio shack building.
Someone bought out the REX THEATER and not sure if the same people bought out rest of the building on that block. Looks like everyone moving. Except the City Hall.
I sure hope they keep all chairs in the Rex it was sure comfortable.

Coffee is on

Post Scribe...Someone share this article ARTICLE on local facebook group....She planning to open high end retail...I just don't understand why our local business people have to price there items so high that the local people can shop at home...Like most people they have a budget to live in...I sure can't afford 100 dollar for one piece of clothing.


  1. Deer are a nuisance here, too. I do like those agencies that bring deer meat to the food banks.

  2. "I kept meaning to keep to a plan but some how life pulls me in anther direction."

    This brings to mind the following John Lennon lyrics/quote: "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" -- something I find to be so very true!


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