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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Did Make Progress Today

Saturday the 25th is my baby birthday.Bart is now 24. His present will be a little late. Simple I can't decide what to get him, Some suggest a STARBUCK card. I'm not to big on gift cards. Usual they have a time period to be used up. But Spokane has quite a few Starbucks. Or I might just purchase a good quality coffee and send it to him. He is a coffee drinker like his parents
Well we decided to put in a new strawberry bed.
 Our old one has quite a few weeds and been taken over by quack grass. Murphy went and sprayed the weeds and grass out.
Dug up the plants and place them in the new strawberry beds. We won't be eating any fresh strawberries out of our garden.
The first year we take off the blooms.
Where the old strawberry patch was. We're thinking of putting corn in it spot.
One thing I notice doing the garden this way and taking out the strawberry bed. It gives us different opposition to plant. Personal I would like to but in some different berries. The only thing we have is red raspberries. One thing I would like to put in is a few gooseberries.

Murphy hung up my whirl bird thing. I got from Sawyer and Betty last Christmas. I didn't feel like opening the garden gate to take a better photo. So I stuck my camera lens thought the fence and took a shot of it. Hoping it will help detour some birds out of the garden.

Cut more strips for my rag rug I'm making. My hands a little sore from the scissors. I cut the strips as I was watching RAWHIDE. At one time this was one of my favor shows.
But now I need to sew the strips together.

Got the bathroom cleaned and even washed the shower curtain

Coffee is on

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  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I rescued a gooseberry from the clearance rack. It is starting to settle in but I don't think it will blossom this year. I would like to grow blackberries but I can't find any at the nurseries. I don't like strawberries but the Mrs. does so I'll plant what I can get.


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