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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Some Days Your Bubble Need to Be Broken

People are funny. Last Friday of the month in morning a group of ladies get together for coffee. I decided to take my client and friend Carrie.
I have no ideal what each person religious or politcal views are. There a place to talk about such thing and at secular coffee gathering isn't such a place.
So her and I stayed about an hour. We hit the local thrift store and I got my self about six blank cards so I can send to my pen pals.
Then we got home and she want to lay down before her PSR (Psyco Social Rehabialrion) person shows up. I guess there heading off to some bible study at the nursing home.
I thought it was funny when her husband Hershal ask if we talk about “sex” and she told these ladies attend church.
I told him. Not this time and she inform him these were church going ladies. I told her I have no ideal if they attend church or not.
But both he and I told her. Church people have sex and were do they get there little members.
Actual the main conversation was on Grandmothers and when I was growing up in the “Spokane Valley” and we live next door to people name of “Gibson” and all the neighborhood kids called them “Grandpa and Grandma Gibson”
Come right down to it my moms mom, Grandma was sort of nasty person.

It was a nice day and I mange to get in two walk. My right foot is bothering me some. I did ok in eating today kept it in check.
I went in Safeway and got cinnomon rolls in can. I was hungery for something gooey and there were marked down.
Well there still sitting in our fridge.

Got a few pen pal letters. One thing doing pen pal I get a Geography lesson. I'm send a card and letter to South Wales which I don't know that much about.

I recieive my second FRIENDSHIP BOOK from Ohio and filled it out and send it off to England. If memeroy serve me right it should end up in Illnois.
My son Sawyer and his wife Betty dog “Boo” end up with fleas and tape worm. She went to the vet and got some pills.
Hope the poor girl feel better soon.
My friend LaWalla cat had a sinus infection and herpies .
I should do a healing spell for all the aniamals who in need of healing.

Coffee is on

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