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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A God That Lives At Fifth and Grand

I was total shock I gain a little weight back. I didn't get my walking in like I did the week before. I only ate one sweet. A jelly filled doughnut and I've seen bigger doughnut.
Breakfast a pancake, with 2 tablespoon of sugar free syrup, peanut butter, and thin slice pork chop reheated.
Lunch, some type of muffin sort of like a pound cake flavor which I had at work. They offer me a oreo cookie and I said "No Thank You"
When I got home from work I spilt an orange with Murphy.
Dinner was a bowl of home chicken noodle soup. Oh an my plain pop corn. My safety crouch.
I still believe even if your changing what every. I still say it's good to plan to be naughty one time during the week. Not for the entire day.
But sometime I have a hard time deciding when to be naughty.
So ask the RANDOM GOD/ESS when I should eat my naughty food. So I a sign each day of the week with a number...Tuesday=1, Wednesday=2,Thursday=3,Friday=4,Saturday=5,Sunday=6 and Monday=7. Then 8 though 14 means no naughty food. Well the Random God/ess gave me a 13. So I won't be having any naughty foods.
I did get my 20 minute walk in.

I took Carrie out to the give away house (Hope House)she took out some stuff. After T.O.P.S I went into Super one and bought some fruit, $14.99 worth. My limited is $15.00 worth of merchandise. Well it got me a five pound bag of apples, a bunch of banana, 4 Roma tomatoes, and 2 pkg of 4 fruits. $15.00 don't get you much as for healthier food.

We're all responsible for our choices.

Coffee is on

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