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Friday, February 27, 2015

We All Have Some Thing To Say

Before Murphette took off from Bakerfield. She asked me if she could use our mail address. Which I didn't have any trouble with it.
It seems last few days she been getting quite a bit of mail. So I just put it in one my “home made envelope and send to her stepson Cade post box.
I ran into her middle daughter Annie at the clinic, and I talk for short while. I want to get home. She thought her brother didn't want there mom receive mail out there.
I told her as” far as I understand it was ok. That doesn't real matter. I sure not going to drive out to Moyie Spring every time she gets mail.

I went and had my teeth clean and later this afternoon. I tried to straighten out our health insurance which we are getting though the state of Idaho health exchange program.

My key board on lap top, some of the keys are getting worn off. So I took a sharpie and wrote on it.
Not sure how my day will end. But I been on track on my weight lost challenge. But I sure didn't sleep all the good the other night. I kept dreaming and I'm wore out.

Coffee is on  

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