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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Typed It Out Earlier Then Usual.

I usual type out my blog post after dinner but today I decided to type it out before dinner. Still will be going up at four in the morning.

My friend Murphette is heading up from Bakersfield. I don't under stand her thinking or reasoning. The lady she was living with ask her to move out the first of the month.
As I was talking to her last evening she was planning to take off that evening. Bakersfield to Bonners Ferry is a little over 1,200 miles (1.600 KM).
She pretty much broke. I know she said she had about $50 on credit card to use. Her SSI check actual comes in on the 28th since the first is on a Sunday.
If they were willing to let me live there until my check came in. I would be heading out then. I figure it going to take her 3 tanks of fuel.
She was planning try to get her the senior and disability apartment again up here. I told her that the Jenni Lanes change companies. But that doesn't mean it any better. When we were over to Jeff and Laloita he was saying ever 1 out of 5 application were denied.
And they lost part of there subsidies. I'm going to check and see if there still pulling the same crap as they did before.

I never cared much about credit. Usual I pay cash and it been ages since I balance a check. I can honestly can say I only balance on check in my entire life.
So since it was close to my birthday.

My credit score was 757 at both EXPERIAN and TRANSUNION But EQUIFAXgave me 748.
I have to say “I'm clueless what this all means”

Today I was blackmailed in see the doctor. I had to get my prescription redone up. Of course I got the lecture and firmly talk about my weight and all the salt I consume.
Confession time...I felt like pulling into Safeway and getting my self a chocolate bar with Caramel and sea salt.
But I didn't.

It looks like I might be having 10 points or even more on our T.O.P.S challenge for the 11th. No bad junk food today. For meat I had sausage, ground beef, and thin pork chops.

What every happen there will be blessings...

Coffee is on


  1. 12 hundred miles at my age is two days of driving. She can't do it on three tanks of gas unless she is driving something that gets really good mileage.

    My trip to Texas last fall was about a thousand bucks for gas round trip, but prices was higher then.

    I think she will need four tanks, maybe a bit more.

  2. She made it..Left on the 10th and was at her daughter place on the 12th in the early afternoon.Never ask her how many tanks a gas it took. She drives a mini van


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