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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Not All That Long

I should of been blogging. But I got side minded and never got around to it. As for my two challenge I been doing is coming a long nicely.
The one on T.O.P.S challenge. I didn't get to weigh in on Tuesday. I took Carrie to her procedure in Sandpoint. But with this challenge it keep me focus and if I get off it pulls me right back on track. Although I didn't weigh in. Not sure what my points would of been for weigh in. But for different task I earn 56 points. I put at this time fifteen cent toward getting my Ethnicity Ancestry. But I but $7.00 each pay day also toward it. So in August I'll be spitting into something and send it off. As if I loose weight I can get it done earlier.
I been taking part in a month of letters challenge. Is were one send a letter daily for entire month of February. I figure I send off or will be sending 37 letters during the month.

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