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Saturday, February 21, 2015

It Always Good To Smile.

Yesterday or what every day it will end being. I didn't get a chance to blog. We went and visit our friend Qunella up on Katka.
She got two puppies Lady and Duke. A Boxer and Australian Shepard mix.

This morning I went to work. I knew it could be a long day. I want to go to the “Human Right Meeting” in Bonners Ferry which start at 4:30 in the afternoon.
But before that.
I got in my 20 minute walk by the hospital and even did some roads with a little grade to them. Not sure the percentage of slope.
I went to the 3 thrift store and bought three blank cards from each of them. I saw Katie at one of the thrift store. She works and volunteer at one of them.
She also does Pen pal. I ask her how she was doing with her pen pal. Well the reason I was getting blank cards from the thrift store.
I send a card with my letter to my pen pals.
After all that I stop in at local library took a book back and played on there computer. Then I took Murphette out an application to the Jenni Lane apartment. As I was at one of the thrift store I found out they had some funding to do some free spade and neutering. So I also told Murphette about that. Her cat Zeus needs his running gearing removed.
I find kind of half funny and annoying..That Murphette tells people that she smarter then the average person. If she so smart how come she always “fucking up her life”

I was so happy Murphy made me a lunch. A burrito full of veggies, turkey and brats sausage. But for dinner when I came home from “Human Right meeting” I had two more burrito these were fill with slice orange, banana, spinach, grated cheese, and cap full of orange citrus dressing. But between each burrito I had a bowl of raisin bran.
I didn't feel satisfy with my dinner. I believe I need more protein.

Every day needs to start with a smile

Coffee is on  


  1. " Murphette tells people that she smarter then the average person."

    Interesting considering that she has the IQ of a dead flashlight battery.

  2. Bill her IQ is probably higher then mine. But I have common sense and I seem to be functioning better or I make better choices in life.

    My brother in law Earl graduated the top 10 of his high school class. But he to lacks common sense.

    Coffee is on

  3. Common sense is very important to have, intelligence is overrated without it.

  4. My IQ is 135+ but I'm not impressed with it.

  5. Last IQ I took I believe it was about the same as you.


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