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Sunday, February 08, 2015

I Manged the Day.

In our T.O.P.S on going challenge yesterday it was struggle and I had to push my self to do the task they asked.
But some how I mange to get 8 points and there is possible of 10 points. So I guess I did great.

No wild eating. Dinner was a little earlier then I like. We had burger patty, rice, and spinach salad. Add a 2 teaspoon of dressing on it. So I end having plain pop corn and when I say plain no butter, no salt and no nothing.

I been doing ok on the Month of letters. Yesterday evening I start a letter which will be send off to Sweden.
Resently I been doing a little drawing and writing “Trivia” stuff in them. I drew a carrot and wrote the elevation of Bonners Ferry which is 1,896 ft (578 M)
Although the letter after the one above will go to Netherlands but I'm not sure what I will be drawing.

I got though all the boxes in one area of the basement. Found in a box and old scanner which will be hauled off to the dump.
Now I need to re go though the boxes and decided what I want to yard sale. I believe most of items will be going. I really want to put in a ceramic studio.

Coffee is on  


  1. Fucking rain..

  2. ...thanks for the birthday wish the other day Dora. And may you have a great one on the 12th.

    That BBC needs his mouth washed out with such language. Makes me not want to post along his comments.


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