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Monday, January 19, 2015

To Much Change Doesn't Go Over

Our local human right community which is between 3 to 5 members. Once a year we put an program to celebrate and promote Human rights.
So we tried something different this year. To put on an "Art Show" in year pass we had more of structure program.
The only thing we carried over from celebration from years past was the entertainment. There were two different pairs of people singing and playing there music instruments.
But then usual we have some essay done be the local school children. Which are read by them and a quest speaker.
This year the essay wasn't read or no quest speaker. This year we did a more laid back show. Actual there was quite a few artist who came and display there pieces.
Statement...our community isn't progress and any thing new or changes. People seem not to be very excepting of them.
what should been done is have the first hour and open house let people look and visit. Then the last hour have the essay read and guest speaker. Which would be more formal showing.
Maybe flip side would of been better. Formal show and then a lay back art show. Who know I just need to remember that our community isn't all that progressive.

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