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Friday, January 09, 2015

Semi Covered

Since I can recall there been a DAIRY DEPOT and Dubbs on the west end of Sandpoint heading toward Priest River.
Well yesterday I took my client Carrie to her doctor as she was seeing her doctor. I went for a walk around the block. Strange or not I was walking down Michigan a short street, my dad came from Michigan. The town of Jackson and he grew up around POKAGON Then I saw across the highway was the Dairy Depot. The building style change over time. But even when I was a kid when I came up to North Idaho from Spokane. We stop in at the Dairy Depot way back then.
As one can see it the SKY wasn't clear in North Idaho.

One thing about walking in that part of Sandpoint that one dealt with snow mounts which was made with snow equipment.
Then of the sloop on roads.
  But that area I was walking in seem to be small commercial area with a few homes mixed about.
As she was in having her procedure or seeing her doctor. I usual take walk, possible run errands, read, write letter to my pen pals, and or crochet.
Well today I wrote to two of my pen pal when in Kentucky and the other in Germany. I had a little time to read my book I got from Library in Bonners Ferry. A LANTERN IN HER HAND which is about pioneer family from DUBUQUE IOWA which my mom maternal grandmother (Great Grandmother) also came from. Her name was Anna Munch and born the same day as President Lincoln last birthday.
These couple is just starting there new life right after the civil war.
Heading to the southeast corner of NEBRASKA  and the state was just came part of the union. Still talking about having the state capital call Lincoln after the slain President.
My father in law came from this part of the state.
The story moves at a nice pace. When I'm reading a story this is important to me.

Odd thing my mom came from Nebraska but the other corner of the state. I use to ask her if she was born in a cover wagon.

Coffee is on 


  1. You capture winter well. Great shots.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog please come back & visit again. I see winter is really there with all that snow. It's very overcast & winy here at the moment and threatning snow.
    Have a good weekend

  3. That's a lot of snow ! It must be interesting to follow up where your ancestors are coming from !

  4. Nice winter snow shots :-)Finding out about your ancestors and where your roots are is always interesting..

  5. I think I got gas there the last time I went through Sandpoint.

  6. I like the old vintage photo. Very cool!!

  7. You have a lot of snow up your way Dora! And hey, I'm a Michigan girl too and I know Jackson, Michigan, mainly because there's a big prison there and the closer you get you see signs that read, "After this point do not pick up hitchhikers." :)

  8. I love that last photo! There is so much to see and imagine - how were their lives? Did they have more children? Were they happy?

    Yes, winter is in full swing here too.
    Take care.
    Cream, milk and a dollop of honey please. I'll bring the fudge brownies!


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