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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Photo Hunt (Craft)

I don't know the difference between arts and crafts. But that ok in general I like all sort of culture stuff.
After work I stop in at GROVE in Bonners Ferry. The Grove is a local artist coop here.
I went in and took three photos. But there were lot more piece I liked. All sort of prices too.

Next weekend Photo Hunt theme is SHELTER 

Coffee is on  


  1. Sounds like a fun shop to check out :)

    Thanks for the coffee!

  2. A shelter theme should be interesting.

  3. Bill..I mess up and look at the wrong date. Actual it 'smooth'
    Shelter isn't until January.

  4. I'll wait. :-)

  5. Don't know why, but the third picture (the cats (?)was very appealing. Alana

  6. Very pretty! Next week’s theme is actually SMOOTH. TW should have decaf cos she’s too wired naturally.

  7. I think historically, art was signed and crafts not. Nowadays, a lot of things that in the past people would consider merely craft (e.g., pottery) can be considered art -- and signed -- too. ;)

  8. I like the last one with the cats...


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