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Monday, December 08, 2014

Not To Over Whelm With Consumption

When I was younger I want to live in home like Thomas Jefferson Monticello, which is about 11,000 square feet.
But our home is 1,200 up and the basement has the same amount of square footage. So one could say we have 2,400 square foot home. The basement isn't finished.

Compare to other place in world our home in America are HUGE Then also we're the largest CONSUMPTION for our income.
Now there are people who desire to shrink there consumption foot print and live with less.
And started a TINY home movement.

Although I know I wouldn't make enough doing ceramic here in Bonners Ferry. I would be able to cover my rent or my other over head; such as utilities, insurance, taxes and etc. Not both
But having it in my home down in basement.
I been playing around with figures for my over head might be.

Last year I got the shed/barn sort out. So before I put in shop I need to clean it out. So my first small step before Christmas was to do a pre-organize before I go though.

But I dug out exercise machine. Not sure what it really called. I call it a rolling machine. We're having January thaw which usual happen after the middle of month and after. So it slippery out on the county roads. Town road seem to be ok for walking...Editor note..Photo of the exercise machine didn't come out

Under the stairs will be the last place I will go though. Been though it a few times and most of the items are things we could use. But can't get to them easily. Although not saying everything is worth keeping.

Mixing up a batch of slip (liquid clay) can be messy. I thought of just leaving pour table out in the shop/garage and just casting greenware in late spring to early fall.
Sure having my pour table in a heat area I could cast ceramic all year. An 8 by 8 room would work. The biggest issue is ventilation. It would have to be done by window and put in some type of exhaust system.
Murphy came up with the ideal of building a separate room in basement for casting ceramics. Personal I don't see I'll have that much room for a studio. I'm thinking a 20 by 20 area.

Coffee in mug taste the best in mug regardless of how much square feet you have.

Coffee is on


  1. Nice blog! You really only need the amount of space that you use and are comfortable with.

  2. I need more space for my art room. I have paintings and piles and frames stacked...awww heaven would be more room. Love pour over coffee..yummy goodness.

  3. Well, my cave is 180 square feet. Plus lots of unheated storage areas. For the most part it works pretty well for me but I sure do wish I had a good area for sewing projects in the winter.


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