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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Some Items Belong In Hell

Before I bang my head against the brick wall. My cleaning project can go straight to hell, I thought of organize the picture I took and placed in computer.
But it was a lost cause. I thought things would down load in a logical order. Well that the furthermost from the truth. For a while I might find group of photo taken in May of 2007, and next one may be July of 2011. Get the picture.
I found my son Sawyer and Betty Wedding picture, also there on facebook.
I want to get the picture of my last walk on South hill in Bonners Ferry. But who in the hell want to go though bunch of files of picture that makes no sense.
I decided it would be less stressful to re-walk Tamrack street. Then to dig for those photos.

There items in our life we just need to say the “Hell With It” and toss it out. When I first went though the shed/barn shelves. I went though it and 10% or more went to the trash can.

If I continued trying to organize my photo on this computer I know if I didn't start to drink. I'm not talking coffee.

Coffee is on

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