Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not West Bend But North Bend

Place anther Kindred Spirit Journal out side of TWEDES in NORTH BEND Washington. Just out in front on a bench.
All of my Kindred Spirit Journal been place in or out side of mom and pop little cafes.
But also I been thinking about leaving some in park. But that would have to be in early summer. So far I've left them at UNDER THE SUN in Bonners Ferry Idaho and the other one was place on outside table at MONARCH MOUNTAIN COFFEE in Sandpoint Idaho. I'm sort of flip about placing more then one in community. But It not matter of life and death.
Now so as I know THREE Kindred Spirit Journal been place out in world
There someone out in world know exactly what your feeling because they have first hand experience it

Coffee is on


  1. This looks to be a nice place.

  2. you can never have too many kindred spirits!

  3. North Bend is a fair distance from you, will you ever get back to check it for updates? Why not do an online version?

  4. Mike T...A lot nice place an people.

    Bill P...We all need a kindred spirit some time in our life.

    Bill C...I was so move by the story of Kindred Spirit mail box over on east coast. It not important for anyone to know who putting these out. Hopeful someone will donate. Not much for hand written items any more.


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