Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Place Your Truthful Words in a Kindred Spirit Journal

One evening I was listening to the news about the KINDRED SPIRIT MAILBOX and was touched by the story.
So I thought of placing a note book and pen, in plastic sleeve. Place them at small cafe around the country.

My first one was place in BONNERS FERRY at UNDER THE SUN , which is located on main street. They do have a few little round table with chairs out on the street.

The second one was place in SANDPOINT at MONARCH MOUNTAIN COFFEE on fourth street by the post office. Never seen a little white fence around the out door cafe area. What neat ideal.

If you see a kindred spirit journal. Please take a moment and share a thought, drawing and or a picture. If stumble on an empty sleeve please place a note book and pen in it....So other can write to the Kindred Spirit.

Please help....Only need 3 items a notebook, pen, and plastic sleeve to place the notebook and pen in.
On the plastic sleeve write....Writ Journal”...Write, draw, and or share a photo. Return notebook to plastic sleeve. The last person who shares in “kindred spirit journal” will you please donate it to your local library.

Write, draw, share a photo. Return notebook to plastic sleeve. The last person who shares in “kindred Spirit Journal” will you please donate to local library or Museum.

I'm trying to get the kindred spirit journal at many cafes I can.

Coffee is on


  1. i haven't seen one yet.... :D

  2. An interesting concept - I have heard of this. I've never seen this type of journal. But it reminds me a little of the journals that some Bed and Breakfasts keep in their room. You are encouraged to write about your stay and include drawings, poetry, or whatever. Alana

  3. What a lovely idea! If I should ever seen one I will be sure to participate. How fun! Thank you!

  4. Any one can do this...cost less then five bucks

  5. I haven't heard of that type of journal, but it does sound like a lovely idea!

  6. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Such a cool idea! If I see one, I'll definitely comment!

  7. Anyone can place a kindred spirit journal in cafe...just leave it on a table...park bench would also do

  8. What a fun idea...I hope what you've done is a complete success and you share the outcome soon.

  9. If any of you leave a kindred spirit note book (journal) link it back...please

  10. Lovely idea! I wonder if it will work in an Asian country.

  11. I was a little nervous about the entire thing. Thought I was wasting my time.
    Quite a few people wrote and draw in the one I place in Bonners Ferry.
    The one in Sandpoint I'm clueless

  12. This is such a really lovely idea!! I hope I find one laying around!

  13. Anonymous11:51 PM

    I rrreallly reeeallly love this idea. I love the fact that it takes us out of the virtual world (where everything this done behind a computer screen), and brings us back to how we started--pen and paper. It's the tangible things that more sentimental.


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