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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Naw Not In This Area.

Before I went off to work this morning. I took a walk on east side of the highway up Lincoln. Which is a very short walk, up and back 4 or 5 tenths mile. Pass by three churches, a few business, and few homes.
Well after work I did my walk in my neighborhood and a few large rain drops came down on me. I didn't melt.
After the walk on Lincoln I stop in did some light chores for Carrie and we went to soup Kitchen. She rode with her social worker.
I meant them at Grace Bible church on south end of city limites. They were serving lentil soup which was very good. Last time I ate there I wasn't overly impressed
But I guess if ones down and out, one doesn't need to be choosey. Breaking bread and socialize a bit with fellow human is actual good for us.

Yesterday Murphy and I went up to our place on the bench and got a few plums off the tree. Plus check on the hazelnut tree up on his Uncle and Aunt ole place.

Stop in at my Mother in Law Norma place. She went on little family vacation with her daughter Belle.
To fine out she can't drive. She receive two letters form Idaho department of transportation. I only seen one of them and she needed to get an eye and medical exam before August 29th that she can continue driving after that.
I guess a Idaho State Patrol pulled her over, for crossing the yellow line. She need to get her cataract remove. So Thursday I'm going to drive her around in morning to do some shopping and to the laundry mat. Not sure what happen to her washing machine, but she still have her dryer.

She selling the PLACE on Bench and moving to an senior apt in the Spokane Valley. By her daughter Belle and grandson Bart.
Well her other daughter Nakaya is piece of work. Her and partner Leloa decided to move in with Nakaya mother and was there for seven years. Can't recall when she got her out finely
I believe Norma thought her daughter was only going to be there for a few months so she could get her self establish.
She brought in bunch of livestock and pets, did damage on the place. Live rent free. Talking to Norma found out a few items were missing a state quarter collection and some guns. Norma believes that her daughter Nakaya stole it.
We had some mental fence post on our well on our place. We believe she took them for fence. To prove this is all most impossible.
This isn't nothing. She barrow-led her mom car and her mom asked for it back. She won't return it. Personal if my son did something like this. I would give them a certain time and if it wasn't returned it would be reported stolen. Titles in her name.
The reason she let her use the car. That Leloa rig was broke and needed transportation to work. This was back a while and had plenty of time to fix it or replace it.
We sold some of our logs and some reason Nakaya thought we were steeling her mom logs. So she called up the mill and the air port and started to yell at them.
Plus she doesn't want her mom to sell the place. So she calls up the real-estate and starts yelling at them....”Your ripping off my mom”.
So she pulled up the four sale sign. One of the neighbors saw her doing it.
Visiting with her mom she told us that when she was young she would throw such tantrum that she would pass out.
At that time they even talk to the doctor and they told them to just do nothing. I guess her dad George would give in to all of her demands . So now she doesn't except the word “no” and ended up being a bully.
Ages ago her own brother Jarret said “NaKaya his sister was greedy”

I've done enough care giving and there are certain people who will go though one caregiver after anther. Plus they will go from one agency to anther.
Simple there such nasty people. That they end up being a lone and NaKaya will be one of these, unless she changes her ways.

Coffee is on      


  1. I'm always amazed by the people who think rain will kill them. I've never melted and rarely get sick simply from being in the rain and am used to going around in wet clothes so it doesn't bother me that much. I just want a hat to keep the rain off my glasses.

  2. Not very easy for you !
    A few rain drops don't bother me, but when it rains for weeks then I really get fed up !

  3. That reminds me that the few plumbs on Helen's tree must be ready to pick.

    Her property seems like a decent price compared to prices here and the property taxes there are a lot cheaper.

  4. I actually love the rain and love watching the storms pass through. But NOT the hurricanes, which we get here.

  5. My Step Sister in law is sure causing trouble. She threaten her mom to sign some papers. The deputy was even called in....She not aloud on place

  6. I know senior and disable people with low enough income can get some type of break on there property taxes

  7. No fun being a caregiver, and there is a lack of them in my part of the world.


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