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Monday, August 04, 2014

July Report 2014

The warmest day was on the 13th at 110 (43)
The coolest day was on the 24th at 43(6)
The average high was 95(35)
The average low was 54(12)

Rain 1/8 inch (0.33)

  1. nineteen days above 90 degrees
  2. Cucumbers are actual doing something
  3. Went and wade in deep creek behind forest service and behind KOOTENAI WILD LIFE REFUGE

  4. Deep Creek comes out of MCARTHUR LAKE
    1. Deep Creek Dumps in Kootenai river
    2. Banana sales for fifty six cent a pound

    1. Ground beef was on sale at $2.98 a pound and lean.
    2. Fisher peak is one of our higher PEAKS
    3. Power was out for two days
      1. During the heat Hubby and I hide of bush at deep creek and I read.
    4. It looks like I would be wise to leave the numbers out.
    Coffee is on


  1. holy jesus, that's hot!

  2. 110 is hot....

  3. Still hot even looking forward to the upper 80. I believe it was in mid 90 today (8-4)

  4. I remember 112 from the summer of 1980 when I lived in Wichita, Kansas - plus several days of 110. It is hot!


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