Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend photo hunt (portrait & skies)

Since part of last week photo hunt theme was selfie so close to portrait. So I decided dig though the steamer trunk to see what I could fine.
Well I found this man behind a cash register. I would guess it was Theodore Witherell. I don't know that much about him. The only thing I know he worked in a jewelry store. He was born in NewHampshire. Not sure of the year.
Some of the Witherell move from New Hampshire to Michigan in the mid 1830's. My guess he would be my great great grandfather Gilman. Brother or first cousin.

Now I put name or something on back of photo. There is photo of people long ago who I'm clueless about.
Friday it rained most of the day. Wasn't sure if my picture was going to be over rain. So I decided that I was going out at two in afternoon. And take picture of the sky.
Lucky me, there was a break in the sky for a short time.

PAPER and or SUNSET will be next weekend themes


  1. Hopefully you'll see some sunny skies soonly :)

  2. Hi Dora, very cool post and photos. I really enjoy looking at old photos. It gives me a wonderful visiual of the past & history. I love you first photo.

    Have a great weekend. Hope the rainey weather gives you more beautiful breaks with pretty skies.

  3. My memory is so bad that there are photos of people I knew from not that long ago whose names I can't remember anymore! The funny thing though is that I remember lots of details of them, just not their names!

    So is it the rainy season over where you are? It sure is here!

  4. YTSL...We get about 90 inches of moister between rain and snow. The wettest months are June and October.

  5. We've been getting that combination of rain, then partial cloudy then rain again for a few days now. Kind of messes with my outdoor activities.

  6. Great photos.


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