Monday, June 02, 2014

Weather Report and Other (May 2014)

I got a new thermometer now I can get back to my weather report (North Idaho Farmer Almanac)

May 29th the high was 76 and low was 36
May 30th the high was 81 and low was 48

May 31st the high was 83 and how was 42.

Now for your fucking horoscope.
Crap no wonder I'm a Perverted Psychopath. I'm a cross between a Whiny Bimbo and Neurotic Bitch,

Coffee is on


  1. nothing beats a good thermometer. i'm always buying those little digital jobs on ebay for $3.

  2. I suspect that Billy P plays with his dick a lot. :-)

  3. Don't know who plays with there dick.
    Can't recall the exact price I paid for the thermometer. Picked it up at Wal mart under ten bucks

  4. I got the horoscope off my step sister in law facebook. A lot people were outraged with it and she remove it.
    I've never remove anything. I like to rock the boat.


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