Friday, June 06, 2014

Village Invisible Gate.

My first cousin Vic and his wife Amira live next to us and they move up to Fairbanks Alaska. Rest of the time the house been rented out. HOUSING MARKET is depressed in local area. People are leaving and heading to were wages isn't slump
Only two of the renter were non law enforcement. I under stand there were a SHAKE UP  at local police department.
My Aunt Eve called and told me that the new police of chief will be our new neighbor, he from the Burley area.
I've always got a long with all neighbor even the cops.

Not sure when they will be moving in. I assume sometime over the weekend.

My Aunt Eve want us to mow the lawn. She offer us $35 bucks to mow the lawn. Well she pulled a FAST ONE 
My Aunt Eve is so hyper and arrogant.
I real have no desire to do much for my Aunt mostly work for lady. I felt like I was lied to in past and fibbing to me real bends me out of shape.
I might get snickered once but twice by the same person, forget it.

My Aunt and my dad had one thing in common both of the assume and real judgmental before they know the facts.
Statement...I find this total disgusting since I was a teenager. Actual I finding it more disgusting then being lied to.
She might hand us 1099 and we can pay both end of the taxes on $35

I tell you one thing if it wasn't the Bonners Ferry Chief of police moving next door. I doubt she want her son lawn mowed.
If the people qualify SECTION EIGHT or any housing voucher. She wouldn't be pushing for the lawn to be mowed.
Consider all these people lazy drug or alcoholic and bottom of the totem pole. You know the basic derelict . She got money and her mind if you don't have money.
She looks at you as a servant and since you don't have money your stupid.

Actual Murphy and I don't have any trouble with her son. We don't mine helping my cousin but I refuse to be one of my Aunt Eve surf.

Thursday my Aunt stop in and handed me $30 and said "I know you'll mow the lawn" Well the money is going back and we will keep our word on spray"
I know if I keep the $30 it would just feed her ego. She looks at us as charity and we so desuetude that we will jump though her hoops.
Every so often my Aunt likes to mention who she helps out. Not to feed her ego I'm sending back the $30

The road we live on is about half a mile long. Four homes are on this road. Ours and three others. My cousin place and ours is pretty much in middle. At the end of the road. Some one playing real honky tonky cowboy music and we can hear it a quarter mile away. 

Coffee is on

 Editor Note...My Cousin Vic wife died and he remarried. If her son call I would be glad to run the mower and mow, just five buck for gas.


  1. I think the minimum price to get a lawn mowed here is fifty bucks.

    The chief of police should live in the city he works in.

  2. I don't if it still but if your a county employee. I believe it rule here if you work as county employee you need to live in the county.

    It not the money. It my Aunt attitude.

  3. Hello. Nice to meet you. I tried to add you to my blogs I follow but it just isn't happening for some unknown reason. Give me time I will figure it out. Newbie again. lol

  4. When it come to techie stuff. Let just say I'm a little better then a dinosaur


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