Sunday, June 22, 2014

It Would Be A Shock If Anything Got Done As Plan.

I want to get my pour table up and going. So I could empty out the old clay. I only can use it when the weather is non freezing.
If I want to use my pour table year around I need to put the pour table in the basement. I need a room about 64 to 144 square feet and descent venting system.
I'm still paint on few piece of bisque. With the ideal of having my pour table up and going I thought I could cast some more of variety of greenware

Not saying the only thing I have is Christmas Ornaments. Some how it seem like there usual getting painted.
Murphy and I finely got painting on our south side of our home. I was sort of worried we wasn't going to fine any siding to match. But our local badger building supply had some.
A few days we thought we were starting. Found out the primer was all dried up. Plus there wasn't enough of the green to start.
With new techie stuff in world now. We got chip of paint out of the trash. A lease the scrapping went good and prep work.
Anyhow we went up to Pro X and have them match up the color and had them make gallon of paint.
Some project it better to keep a bottle of something around. I'm usual the gopher. One second I was loading up a brush or a roller with primer.
Well I had one hand with brush and the hand on roller. Not paying attention I end up with dirt on brush. Crap talking about someone shitting “Green Twinkies” good ole hubby sure did.
I decided to get my bottle for people with need a attitude adjustment. Now my hubby know when we start next time around. I'm placing the bottle in shade. If he wants an happy gopher not drunk gopher he won't get the wrong attitude around me.

I guess us human can't handle smooth sailing in life.

Coffee is on


  1. Today (6-22-14) went real good.

  2. I'm hopeless at painting. My sister is really good though!

  3. Both of us can paint. But if someone is sleep at the good

  4. So, things are going good, yes?


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