Friday, June 13, 2014

If It Rain How Would Life Be

I wasn't sure where I want to start my day. Murphy finished up his dental appointment. The X Rays and cleaning ran us $700. Actual I go to the local clinic and it base on your income. My cleaning ran me $80.00.
They been getting the field ready to plant. Not sure what they'll be putting in. Statement time...I'm tired of dust.
Soon as they get it planted and it comes up.
I'm going to have a yard sale from the time I clean out my shed.

Some time I can swear my counters have magnet. I haven't yet figure out why my counters get clutter. Confession..If I put my things in proper place I wouldn't be dealing with clutter.

Look like the garden is in. Now we can get back on the south side of the house. We have replace some of the siding.
Badger building place offers the siding that goes to our home. I started an herb bed but notice that side of home needed some repairs.
Once that get fix we can go back putting in an herb bed.

I got a little bit done in our closet. Toss out some whole shoes and purse.

  Short time ago I bought some shred wheat. Which my parents refer them to them as “hay bale” I knew the strawberry would be coming on.
So yesterday I got enough berries in very short distant and slice up and place them on the hay bale.
Oh it was delicious.

Coffee is on


  1. i'm with you on the dust, drives me nuts.

    i'm painting the rec room and have moved all the furniture. my shins are all bruised from walking into stuff in the dark that didn't used to be there.

  2. We don't have a rec room. Don't you have light switch.
    Always project to be done.

    Coffee is on


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