Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z Is The Twenty-sixth Letter Of The Alphabet

Sure didn't zap thought the A to Z challenge. Once I get started on a project depending what it is. I can zap though it.

There plenty to tell about crazy Abdul but since I'm using the word “zap” it would be nice if I kept to the letter Z.
must have been in my early 20's and was starting to date my future hubby. Our local fair was going on. Usual that held last half of August and once in while the first weekend of September.
Maybe a few leaves came loose of there branches but all the trees are still leaf out. Giving a nice shade those who choose a little shade.
Not much changes year to year when it comes to our fair.

There was one year (name) had electric cattle prod and he was chasing women though the fair ground, and giving the them zap with it. I'm guessing he was zapping them on the rear end.

Monday the 28th of April Murphy and I went out on the North bench place. To zap some TANSY and KNAPWEED
weed both are a illegal weed.
There log just west of our property and should be doing ares in near future.
We want to get a handle on the weeds.

As Murphy was out zapping weeds . Don't worry I haul water and spotted out the weeds that need zap.
When Murphy was zapping weeds on his brother Earl old garden old spot. I went into what was Earl add on to his trailer. But we have some items in there. Murphy and I haul trash out of there. But we could go though it again.

I grab a box and a bucket of ceramic supplies. Fist I'll go though the paint and if it beyond hard as a rock it getting tossed.
If there slightly soft I'm going to dry to revive it.

Z Is Zap

No more A to Z challenge and I just don't see my self taking part in 2015.

EDITOR NOTE....For some reason I'm having trouble with my internet connection. At a friend house now and I'm thinking it the router. So I might not be on as offten which could be a good thing.

Coffee is on


  1. You is a Zingger.


  2. someone once mentioned that BBC had a zit on his dick. i hope no one tried to verify the rumor.


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