Friday, April 25, 2014

V Is The Twenty Second Letter In Alphabet

I took part in the 2014 A TO Z CHALLENGE and what a challenge it was. Most of all I liked visiting a bunch of new blogs.
Lot of bloggers out there and all sort of them.
Everyday though out the entire month of April one would visit 5 bloggers that they never visit before.
There is no way I would every have chance to stop in an visit, who took part in A to Z challenge.
Last figure they were over 2045 bloggers who took part in this little challenge.
This took a lot of time. As I speak right now “I don't see doing it for 2015” and things did get neg-elated around the place. Confession time...I need to take the blame for my self, for not managing my time.
Those who took time and visit my blog. Thank you and hope to see you in the blogger world.

V is for visit.

Stop by tomorrow and see what starts with the letter “w”

Coffee is on


  1. I am also a participant in the A to Z challenge. I found the link to your post on the FB page. Like you, I've enjoyed visiting the other blogger's websites but I have also found this experience taxing. It led me away from my writing. I spent the whole month blogging, reading other people's blogs and then commenting. I'm not sure if I'll do it next year either. But we should both pat ourselves on the back. We made it all the way to "V".

  2. Hey Dora, it is my first time at A to Z and Ultimate Blog Challenge...and boy it sure has been one hell of a month! Its been a great experience, don't know if I'll take it next year but yes came across some great people and read their awesome blogs too.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog a few days back!

  3. How clever using visit for v. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I'm so glad to meet new blog friends. I'll be back to see your w

  4. i glad that i stopped by for a little visit.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    This is my second time A/Z; it can be overwhelming; I'm ready for it to be done this year; not sure if I'll do it again next year, but we'll see :)

    Great V :)



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