Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N Is The Fourteen Letter In The Alphabet

I was in our bedroom this past week looking out the window. Notice a strange bird flying real low above the field. At first I thought it was seagull and I know there usual in flocks and near water. It was gliding so beautiful.
So I called out to Murphy “look at that bird” and I ask “what kind of bird it is” He said a “ball bat” or a NIGHT HAWK and haven't seen one since he was a teenager. But there also known around this area as a BULL BAT 

N is for “Nighthawk”

Stop by tomorrow and see what start with letter “O”

Coffee is on  


  1. Nice - We've been noticing a lot of Hawks around our area of Texas (north of San Antonio). Now that I know what a Night Hawk looks like, I'll be more observant. Fun posts! I'm a storyteller and am always looking for birds of flight to place in my stories - a bit mystical!


  2. Ohh goodness- rodents scare me- and so bats totally scare me. A bat/hawk! YIKES!!

  3. N: if that isn't NICE, what is?

  4. Wow, cool looking bird. I've never seen anything like it. There's just boring songbirds around here :)

  5. That is a gorgeous bird and you're lucky to have spotted one so close by. Dropped by for A-Z challenge. Happy Writing! :)

  6. Lila I tried to fine your blog and had no luck. Hope your day is going good.


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