Friday, April 11, 2014

J Is The Tenth Letter In The Alphabet

Lot of people have said wise words and gave leader ship to many. I don't  following in one spiritual  path in life. Question all of them.
I prefer the PAGANISM which allows freedom to follow other paths such as Christianity, shamanism, humanism, and etc. It doesn't scare you away from free thought.
Opinion time..There is no free will in the christian faith. God gives you free will to choose to be christian and to except Jesus as your only personal savior, so you'll have eternal life. What crock of shit. 
JESUS taught and had good ways of dealing with human kindness.

But then To bad apostle Paul got involved in the christian faith. MATHEW 25 35 TO 40 But also Jesus talk about shunning and being intolerant of others, such verse as MARK 6:11 , So if someone have different view then Christianity, Just don't tolerate it. JOHN 1:10 see every thing is made for the christian even heaven. The rest of us our heading to hell or we will be recycle back to earth to learn and teach lessons. 1 JOHN 2:22 How sure are we that Jesus is the way to eternal life how about Buddha is he/she a lair. I've had more dirty deed done by christian, then other faith. 2 John 1:7 No if you speak against any faith that is built from Abraham your out to deceive people.
Come right down to it Jesus was a REBELLIOUS JEW and wasn't a very bright one. He goes into temple and throws money around.
Opinion time..It would be same as if I went into wal-mart and start breaking things up. Sure I know wal-mart and the one percent could pay more to there works. If I behave like that , wouldn't got hung to cross. I would get my ass haul off to jail.

 I've never seen JESUS with his tool belt on. Isn't he a carpenter. But he has a lot of word of wisdom and so does a lot of other people.

J is for Jesus

Stop by tomorrow and see what start with letter "k"

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  1. I think the real sorrow here is how much killing has been done in the name of religion - and not just of Christianity, but of other faiths. It's ironic, as religious belief is supposed to guide us to big universal truths. But, if you read what various religious teachers had to say, they preached something way different than too many of their followers have practiced. That does not mean their teachings, however, are bad.

  2. Religion can be made into the cheapest form to abuse man kid. Thank you Book Worm for showing guts to comment on my blog.
    I only know one thing I disagree on one of Jesus teachings. Is one on shunning

  3. Obviously your belief system stems from something that has happened in your life. We are all formed by that which is around us whether we are aware of it or not. I am a follower of Christ, and believe in the laws of the Universe. There is no limit to my God, and I try to model my life after Christ and fall very short. My opinion of Matthew 6:11 is very very different than yours. I think it was merely relevant to the times. Not to be taken into literal consideration for those that follow Christ now. God bless. Thank you for sharing your opinions. You made me think in ways I generally don't with the Bible :)

  4. Angel..It may be hard for you to believe. I found out in work force that the hard core Christians treat there works the worst. Then they ask for forgiveness and figure there forgiven and keep repeating there ways.
    Actual I agree on most of Jesus teaching. I have more issue with apostle paul.

    Still I like you stopping by and comment. I know comment on religious and political matter is just easier not to say a word.

    Coffee is on

  5. You're right about Jesus hardly ever being depicted as a carpenter. It's so crazy how history is distorted by people over time and no really knows what the truth is anymore.
    I appreciate you sharing your opinions!

  6. It's so horribly ironic that far too many people have suffered for the sake of religion. That's why I think it's better not to have one!


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