Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Bird(s)-Tree(s)

Next weekend photo hunt (April 5th) there will be a change in my format. Instead of photo hunt being the first part.
I'm taking part in A TO Z CHALLENGE 
For those who interest in taking part please PLEASE CLICK HERE I'm some place on list.

Idaho state bird is the MOUNTAIN BLUE BIRD There is a female sitting in an crab apple tree. Sorry the picture isn't all that clear.
I haven't seen a male this year but Murphy have.
Last year Murphy fell this birch tree and only thing left is a tree stump. It is on the South_West Corner of the place.

Next weekend photo hunt theme will be FAMILY and or ROCKS

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  1. Can you tell me why the tree stump has crisscross marks on it? (Yes, curiosity killed the cat but... ;b)

  2. yes, I am curious about the marks on the tree stump too. :P

  3. My husband thought if he cut crisscross marks in stump it would burn out easier.
    He was wrong it did nothing. coffee is on

  4. I'm curious about the stump too, but glad you answered it.

    frankly my dear

  5. This tree stump looks very artistic :) !

  6. Good take on the themes. To answer your question, the first bird is a female cardinal (the male is solid red but the female is more subdued colors; it's not exactly yellow but after you asked about the yellow bird I thought that's the one you were asking about because of the way the light hit it). I should be able to answer your question about the pine tree but I'm not sure what variety it is.

  7. Even a little bit blurry is good as long I don't see any snow. We still have so much of it here and I'm getting a hankering for a bit of green. I like what your husband did on that tree stump; it gives it character :)

  8. Hi Dora, at first I didn't recognize your second photo as a tree stump until reading your comments. The markings made it look like something other than a stump. Very creative take.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. nice stump. do you and murphy play X's and O's on it?

    i've got a few stumps in my yard and when the weather warms up i'll spend about 15 minutes a day with my trusty mattock until the sons of bitches are sawdust.

  10. Yes, the stump looks something else!

    bird & tree

  11. And thanks for the A-Z challenge's link. I am in!!

  12. I've never seen a mountain blue bird, only the Eastern ones. Great birds!

  13. I've never seen a mountain bluebird, either. I wouldn't worry about the blurry photo - I have no luck in bird photography and hope to learn more about doing it successfully with my iPhone one day. Alana

  14. Thanks for visiting us!


  15. It gives the stump a bit of pazies.

    We have anther Birch to fall.

    A good game of Tic Tac Toe would be fun

    Taking picture of birds seem to take some luck.

  16. I think your husband's guess about the Eastern White Pine as an I.D. is probably correct. I looked that up online and some of the shots look similar.

  17. Thanks for sharing! Fun pics! Keep them coming, and keep the coffee pot on.

  18. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Great bird shot for this week's theme!


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