Monday, March 10, 2014

Expectation of blogging

Don't recall the date or times when I heard of blogging Right off this caught my attention and did my first post January 2005. I believe my first blog post was only a line or two.
But what I was worried about...Couldn't I fine something to post about. Well I haven't yet ran out of topics to post about.
See I don't live a very exciting life. I always said “my life is uneventful”

I believe the first blog I visit is gone or the gal gave up posting on it. If I'm right she lived in New Hampshire. We read each other blog for a while and she suddenly drop off face of the earth.

Blogging been a learning curve and sometime it's mighty big curve. Out side of the city limits of Bonners Ferry there isn't much choice for internet connection. Statement time...we had dial up until let say late summer of 2014.
Having dial up put a damper on what one will and wouldn't do on the computer.
Since now we got broad band the blogging opportunity has increase a great deal.
Still like to learn how to do a video.

With all these Social Net Working trying to tie everything in has all so been interesting. I know I can't hit all the Social Net Working Sites Confession time..Have no desire to either.

Since I now have a better internet connection. I'm hoping more readers see and enjoy my blog. But all I guess I would like to have more comments then what I get.

Confession..I thought they would have been more reaction with my blog.

The main reason I blog to share a little with the world. Plus I enjoy and find it “fun”

Coffee is on  


  1. I can't tell you how many blogs I really enjoyed that are no longer updated. I am guilty of not leaving comments as often as I should. I really enjoy reading other folk's blogs because I get to catch a glimpse of life through their eyes. I am kind of an internet voyeur. Lol. 2005 to now is a great run. Keep on posting!

  2. since 2005, if that isn't nice, what is?

    keep up the good work and i'm about to make a pot of coffee.

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I know what you mean about inet connections. When I lived in the city it truly was a point and click world for me on my computer, since moving to the mountain top a slow connection, even though it's the fastest dsl they offer, seems to be the norm. I have quite a time with it but I'm just happy it's NOT dial up. I quite enjoy your blog and I hope you'll keep on blogging!

  4. You have been blogging longer than I did. I enjoy coming for a visit and have a cup of coffee :)


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