Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Good Poke Toward Life.

Never told anyone about the Accra we bought. We thought we got a good deal of a 1997 about $2,600 plus the engine was complete over hauled.
Low mileage wish I could recall the number. Now the 3rd gear is slipping. Transmission aren't cheap to deal with.
Not sure why 3rd gear is slipping. But I know a good club beating isn't going to fix it.

My tercell has issue. Compare to the Accra a lot less pain on purse string. But there some issue like some tire for the front. Some possible front end work. Last time I drove the tercell it had a grinding sound in fourth gear (manual transmission) plus the front window should be replace although it legal) No club beating isn't going to fixed it but maybe a swift kick would do it.

I want to get out in shed and start sorting things that going “far well” like to have yard sale. Seem like life pops up and it seem like I never get to it.
Sure glad I already went though it once. Good news Murphy is agree to sale the yellow chain saw. No bar and not sure if it runs or not. If we get $5.00 to $10.00 and it out of here.
I won't need to poke it with stick either.

Been painting on some bisque. Last two things I been working on is beads. But before that I just finish up with a sking mouse.
Been doing quite a few smaller items. Once I get the smaller pieces are painted, Then I'll back wash all of them. To cover mufti of sins simple screw ups.
Move on toward a larger piece.
Once it dries up. I can put my pour table back together and start casting ceramic molds.
I sure hope I don't need to take a sharp stick and poke my pour table a bit.

I tried to double crochet. Haven't master it. Look like I'll have to do follow and u-tube instruction video . At wal-mart I bought a set of six crochet hooks. Also purchase small glue gun.
A stick sure isn't going to help one doodle on crochet.
I think I'll do a scarf once I get the hang of double crochet.

See every so often one needs to take sharp stick and poke it at life.

Coffee is on

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