Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wages? What Is A Worker Worth

$7.25 an hour should be called a survival wage, not a livable wage or even a minimum wage.

Those who are earning $7.25 an hour or slightly higher. Usual depends on such programs as snap (food-stamps) W.I.C housing vouches, and frequents food banks and other services, to survive.
With cuts in the safety net programs it makes low income wage earners; life more difficult.

An unforeseen event for low income worker wage earner, could force them to take out a predator loan, to survive and continue with their current place of employment.

Even with a certificate or a degree. One could go to anther state, usual are paid a higher wage.
Having a certificate or a degree doesn't guarantee a livable wage, in Idaho.

Those employers who can afford to pay a livable wage and don't simply "doesn't respected their employees or associates"
Those who gets up and go to work, deserve and is worth a livable wage.

Coffee is on.

Editor note...This a copy of letter to editor I send to our local paper.       


  1. During my working years I almost always made above minimum wage, never did make big money but made enough to get by on my lifestyle.

  2. $12.50 around here would be a livable wage. No you won't purchase a house but you could rent something other then falling in mobile home.

    Idaho right now has the highest percentage of minimum wage workers.

  3. I've been at the bottom of the economic scale for most of my life. So far I haven't had to take out any predator loans, but sometimes those credit cards get a bit userous.

  4. $14.00 an hour would be a fair liveable wage. Where we live minimum is $11.00 and that is not enough in my opinion. Give people a decent wage and they will be able to buy things and stir the economy. Rant off :)


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