Saturday, January 25, 2014

At This Point I Totally Can't Cuss About It

This is the day I'm to blog about my experience gaining heath insurance. United States has a thing that if your not covered by insurance you need to jump on board.
If your super poor you can get medicaid and if your old you can get medicare. We're not super poor and were not super rich.
So we need to fine insurance though the exchange.
Idaho didn't join the federal program known as “affordable care act” but trying to make a state exchange.
Last night I tried to sign on and end up with malware and me using a string of cuss words. Then this afternoon couldn't get sign in. But no malware so no cuss words.
Opinion time...I'm actual in favor of one-payer system for our health care cost....Those who quilfies for medicaid, one should bring it up to the 21st century....But I don't see anything wrong every house hold paying 5% of there income and 2 ½ % for every medical treatment they may need or want...I don't think much of having a free ride in life, but I don't think anyone should be exploit either.

This afternoon Murphy and I went out to the bench property and did some more cutting on the property line.
One thing being out there one can pick up CBC.
Which both of us enjoy listening to.

Some reason I sleep like crap. I was all up in knots about trying to get on affordable care act and end up with malware on the computer.
So all day I had a dry hang over. Didn't have a drop to drink but I feel like I real tied one on.

The reason I went on bench there wasn't much for me to do. I just stood like dildo holding a stick or waving my stocking cap. Hubby would spot me though the trees and tie flag or string.

Still trying to figure what we want to put in the garden and I believe we will order from Pine-Tree 
I also request a catalog from Baker Creek

Usual we only use one seed catalog to order though. Shipping needs to be consider in cost. But there been years we ordered from two. Or split and order with someone.

See I only cuss about trying to up for the affordable care act. Other then that I may slipped out a few bad words here and there. But no string of them.

I little later on I'm going to pour my self a little “peach whiskey” to see if it would help my dry state hang over.

Tomorrow I'm going to try a recipe using split peas and mango. The only thing I had split pea is soup. Clean out anther shelf in shed/barn. Yes, I been though it but I'm organizing it for a yard sale this spring.

Drinks Are On Me.


  1. Anonymous5:21 AM

    I still can't figure out all of this affordable health care. My son's gf says she benefits from it because it's cheaper than the insurance she had before, my son's insurance went up, so who knows. I'm not a fan of Oblahma and I think if it's not broke, don't fix it. Not sure what his goal was in this whole affordable health care mess but I'm pretty sure it's backfiring all over his disconnected ass.. I can't wait til he's out of office - and I actually voted for him the first time around! Now I think he's just lost his ever lovin' mind and like many, many presidents before him, is now clueless. What is it about that office of presidency that just sucks the brains outta' somebody?? The world is lucky that I don't run for office because you would get out of this world exactly what you paid into it and I wouldn't force health care or anything else on anyone. - Ugh - I could go on forever if I ruled the world.. Make it a great Sunday!

  2. I was shopping for insurance for my brother yesterday too but still looking for one.

    To be honest, I don't have problem with Obamacare. People with no income and very low household income can ask for assistance.

    Look at Greece. Greece went downhill since they provided healthcare for free. I work in a healthcare company. And it's so sad to see the frequent flyers are the one that don't have insurance or the ones that neglected their health.
    blog too.

    Glad to be here. Hope you'll visit my blog too. Just opened it.

    Jan April -

  3. I'm old so of course I have medicare. I don't understand this new program, seems like a program for everyone should be like SS and medicare, it is taken out of everyone's paychecks during their working years.

    Split peas and mango seems like an odd combination.

  4. Personal I would like to see some type of one or single payer system. I've brought that up and lot people act like you a want a free ride. For me that father from the truth. I don't see any thing wrong with me or anyone else having a percentage of income go to government base insurance such as medicare.

    Coffee is on


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