Saturday, December 07, 2013

Christmas Isn't to Support To Break The Bank

Thursday my friend Qunella and I went to Sandpoint to do some minor Christmas shopping. On the way down we talk about variety of subjects.
See Quenella family never put much value on her as a homemaker. She never worked outside of the home. The night before she was talking to her mom. For some reason her mom once again brought up the fact when her hubby got injured on heavy construction and got on SSD, that she never went into the work force after that either.
Opinion Time...Her husband Micheal wouldn't deal well of being home alone, for any length of time. I don't believe he would adjust well emotional or mental.
My mom side is into consumerism. And they look at me as a bottom feeder. We don't have such things as four wheelers, snowmobile, boats, and such things. Our vehicles our bought used.
Most of them our so far in debt that if any of them lost there job I believe a lot of them would be homeless.
I go to such thing as yard sells, thrift store, raise a garden and etc
Sort of reminds me of the story “People of the lie”
Confession time...I like a low consumer life so “my soul isn't own by the company” It gives me a sense of comfort.

I've read that some people spend so much on gifts that they can't pay there monthly bills and or purchase food. I stay with in a budget, I don't buy bunch of trash gifts so I can brag on number of gifts or prices. Still this month we will eat and the bills for the month will be paid.

This year I tired to stay away from big box store such as wal-mart. But Quenella got few things out of there. As she was going though the check out stand. I didn't come right out and ask what she made. But she said she couldn't afford Christmas. I know there people doesn't matter what they make they will always struggle when it comes to paychecks.

I tried to get all of my Christmas gifts from Mom and Pop business. One place I got quite a few of my gifts was from Bonners Books.
This year all most everyone is receiving a book from me. For the adult drawing I'm giving mug which I bought used for $1.00 threw freshly ground coffee and book Material World
For one of the kids I got the book Alice In Wonderland and for my son Sawyer he is also getting the book Woof 

As Quenella was in Sandpoint we stop in at Sandpoint Chocolate had few truffles and some coffee.

Coffee is on


  1. I too choose to live as debt free as possible. I learned the hard way about spending more than I made and this year christmas is going to be severely downsized from normal. It is supposed to about family and our love for God and that is what we will celebrate with only a few inexpensive gifts for one another. I am happy that you are also teaching your family to live with what you can afford instead of always wanting more.

  2. I think expensive presents are a way to cover up the fact that you don't know someone well enough to get them what they really want.

    For instance:
    I would be THRILLED if you got me something ninja turtles related, even though I'm 27 and far past the age of ninja turtles. Even if it's a notebook that cost you $2, and far more thrilled than if you got me a leather bound date planner for $90 that I'm never going to use. Ever.

    The point isn't how much it cost. The point is you took the time to figure out what I genuinely love. Thus far, only my bestie from California has figured that out. :-/

  3. I put a lot of thoughts into getting gifts for people. But seeing the gifts I receive, they don't seem to care what they give me. Many gifts are stored in my store room :)

  4. I haven't done christmas for years, I think it is all a bunch of bullshit. Helen thinks it is bullshit also, that's why she is a great neighbor. At least it is one reason she is a great neighbor and friend.

  5. I have always worked and with my language skills never had any difficulties to find an interesting job which allowed me too have enough time for our son. When I go shopping before I buy something I go to different shops and compare the prices. We have a very comfortable life without any depth, never had, but I also don't throw the money out of the window. The Christmas gifts I choose don't have to be expensive !

  6. Never yet ran credit card up so bad on Christmas that it takes me a year to pay it off. Always fine cool items in thrift stores.


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