Thursday, December 12, 2013

$2.13 An Hour Won't Get You A Gallon Milk

Not long ago I post this on my facebook page...saying “Herman Cain” Nothing more. I was called a racists. Question time.... Could some one please tell me what's is racists about the picture above?
Herman Cain lobbied or petition the government, not to raise restaurant worker wages
Which he has the right to do. Which I don't agree with.
I waited tables and general rule of thumb back then. Most place paid under one dollar of minimum wage. So if that held true one be getting $6.25 an hour now.

I've posted about working. A livable wages and employers exploit there workers.

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  1. I don't see anything racist about the picture. It's crazy that the wage hasn't gone up in that long.

  2. I spent many years working in restaurants and the food industry. This was during the time period where the minimum wage was between 3.15 and 5.25. I never met a wait person who made under $10 an hr average and that included the time spent doing prep work and clean up work.

  3. Not racist. Unfriend that person!

  4. I wonder how one survives on $2.13 an hour. I have this idea that Americans earn high wages compared to us in Asia.

  5. All I can say is don't fret over some menial mind that has no idea what they say?!!! People, it seems, are so quick to judge.

    As for wages...anything that will help the worker -------of ANY job, is fine in my book.

  6. In this state all workers get minimum wages but it's not like that in all states. I was stationed in Florida for two years in the Navy and there, in the early 60's a waitress got paid 25 bucks a week for forty eight hour weeks and had to depend on tips to make a living.

  7. First of all I unfriend this person from my facebook account. I don't mine some one taking up a different point a view but one can act civilize..I'm not Reagen fan but I don't make rude remark.

    I waited tables in late 70 and early 80's with wages and tips. It average out 10 and hour then...Sure tells you a lot about wages. I try to tip well it's hard work.

    Lot of all countries think Americans are rich. The wealth sure isn't spread out..something like 2% of population own 98% of all the wealth.

    Even when I go over to what people here call (Commie Washington) I don't mine paying the extra cost to eat in the restaurant and even leave a good tip.

    Pretty sad people have to depend on tips...I thought it was sort of like prostitution.


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