Saturday, November 02, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (Musical-Raindrops on Window)

Maybe some time later toward the end of the month. I'll get out the Christmas CD. And listen to some Christmas music. The Cds should be in this box with the Christmas decorations.
It hasn't rain for a while but in morning we some time have dew. It forms rain drops on the windows

Next weekend photo hunt themes will be cultery and or sale

Coffee is on


  1. Probably it only rained so that you could take a picture, lol !

  2. Can't believe Xmas is around the corner...!

  3. I like raindrops!

  4. We should be able to listen to Christmas music all year long. You have my permission to bring them out now if you wish.

  5. Been raining like mad here most of the day.

  6. A family member works in retail - listens to so much holiday music doesn't want any of it at home! I think I would burnout too if I had to listen to it 8 hours a day for a solid month. But a little - love it! Alana from the UBC.

  7. i have lake in my backyard. and ruby's easter eggs are not going to fun to pick up tomorrow.

    the godiva chocolate coffee was excellent his afternoon.

  8. Hi Dora, time has flown by this year. I love listening to Christmas songs and have a compilation of all my favs. Great capture of raindrops on your car window along with the reflections of the sky.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I'm popping by to leave my musical 'note' ... thanks for playing the photohunt.
    I'm not ready for Christmas... but I am always ready for music!


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