Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Ten Times Three Then Add One More

So far I like broadband. When we had dial up one would wait and wait to go any place on the net.

Carrie a client I take care of broke her left foot some how.  I know I won't get straight answer how she did break her foot. This is what Carrie been claiming what happen "I just gave old Hershel a good ole kick and see what happen" But her hubby tells me "she got out of hand and had to take matter into my own hand".  Monday evening or Tuesday morning some nurse will be coming to there home and should be giving them more hours. Not sure how long the additional hours will be one week or up to six weeks. Her regular re cert is in December. One thing I hope they don't tell the nurse what I list above. I notice government employees or sponsor ones who tends be by the book usual have no sense of humor.

October is a big month for pagans and once again there a party over at this blog all sort of "oh My fun" recopies, give aways, and lot more.

This morning I went and weigh in at my weekly T.O.P.S meeting. This time I weigh in at a maintain. But I and anther lady spilt the basket. The one who loose the most weight in a 30 day period ends up receiving a fruit/veggie basket. Those who forget to bring in some fruit or veggies usual throw in some cash. Statement time...I would like to drop a few more pounds though the month of October and for the holidays just hold my own.

Coffee is on


  1. Interesting post. How do you like TOPS? I'm a fitness professional and always like to learn about different weightloss programs :)


  2. I don't think I could go back to being online/computer work without broadband vs. dial up connections.

    Enjoy your coffee Dora.

  3. Even a slow high speed is better than dial up, yes?

    I would like to gain a few pounds, maybe get up to 150, there isn't a hell of a lot to me anymore.

  4. It's been years since I was on dialup. The biggest problem for us wasn't the speed, or lack of it. It was fielding phone calls that came in while someone was online.

  5. Geez Alice, I would just disconnect the phone.


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