Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Passing The Time

I just finish up at work. Today I clean out the base cabinet around her sink. At home when I clean out any cabinets I wash the content. But they didn't want me to wash it. Anyhow there only allowed a little over 10 hours a week.
Right now I'm over at my friend Alice place. She doesn't feel well and so she resting back in her bedroom.

At two this afternoon I need to head over to the fair ground and help set up /Boundary-County-Task-Force-On-Human-Rights . They want me to do something on facebook for them but I need to fine out some information.
I'm getting some photo ready to put in to our local fair. I'll take them in before I head into work for Faith.

The yellow jacket a heavy this year and they hover low to the ground. Been told that is a sign of cold winter coming up.
One of the cat caught some type of mouse well it not a mouse but related to it. In no time at all the yellow jacket was on it like "stink on shit" then Murphy went out in dose it good with commerical bug spray.
We made a yellow jacket trap....Supply need dish pan or kitty litter box, string, piece of meat, dish soap, some type of weight we're using a set of wrenches.
Fill pan with soapy water to all most to the top. Tie the meat until the string and make sure it just barely hangs above the water. Place it in the middle of the soapy dish water.
As the yellow jacket eat the meat they fall in and drown or the soapy water and shit them self to death.
I should tell you the wrench or weight or place at the end of the string.to keep the string tight.

Yesterday I took my friend Qunella down to Sandpoint to see the foot doctor. They remove a growth but wasn't to concern about it and want to still run a bi ops on it.

Still would like to get a few more hours of work. So I can put in broadband but that isn't going to happen until September.
If your wondering why I haven't put up in picture. I still need to take in the desk top to see what the trouble with it is.
What I would like to do is use desk top for important things and the lap top for ceramics.
But I won't know until I see what the trouble with the desk top is. We didn't pay that much for it less then 150 bucks. It's an e-machine.
Statement time...I been real happy with the e-machine.
Actual I'm getting a few things deep clean the other day I wash the north wall. Took down the pictures and wipe them down.
 Still need to clean and wash the couch.

Garden is going like crazy harvesting almost daily.

I did get the wall girl plague done. Just finish up a little chicken something someone would set on shelf. Also the chicken could be made into a salt and pepper shaker.
For the little witch I been painting I need to paint her hat band and shoes. I'll do those in bronze. Still need to put in her face and back wash her so she will have some depth.
Still hope I can be part of samhainsirens for this up coming October.

Coffee is on


  1. Wow, sounds like you've been busy. Good for you! :)

  2. Yellow jackets - not good. Here in upstate New York, what we have in abundance right now are mosquitos - and ticks. But seems like wasps (in general) - not as much as in a normal year.

  3. Lots of good tips here. Thanks.


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