Friday, July 05, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (Children-Go)

Children sure enjoy a dip in the pool. 

It seem like we are always on go. Once Murphy retired we been finding so much to do around the place.

Next weekend photo hunt theme will be flamboyant and or work place 

As you can see we been working on the northwest corner. There was some minor structural damage done by the chimney, melting and freezing. Plus a birds kept coming in and building there nest.
We planning to put some type of heating coil on that corner of the place. All in all it doesn't look at that bad. Might as well take care of it before it comes bad.

Garden seems to be coming along nicely. After we get a spot painted we head out to the garden. Usual we weed but once in while we get chance to hoe or replant something.

Our bean seeds seem to be get eaten up by the bird. So we scrunch some deer netting and placed it over the new planting of green beans
I believe once the beans get to be about an inch or so we need to remove it.
If we don't the plant will be in-tangle in the fencing. 

Before we went over to my Sister in Law Faith for 4th of July barbeque. Murphy and I finish the peak in front of the living room window.
Small gathering for the 4th Most of people there was Faith family, total of 15 ate.
We never even got hold of our sons. I figure they was things more exciting to do in Spokane over the 4th
The weekend of the 12th our annual family reunion is to be held at pond here. Both of my son and Betty will be up.

Coffee is on


  1. I finished putting the first coat of paint on the 5th wheel today. My tomato plant is doing great.

    I sent you an email stating I would swing by to meet you folks on my return from Montana to meet Doc Teri and her hubby if it was okay with you but you haven't replied, did you get it?

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  3. I enjoyed reading this post. I especially like the photo of the kids in the pool. Where I am we've just finished Day 1 of a new heatwave. Seeing that photo is having a cooling affect on me!

  4. Great picture of the kids in the pool! your sure sound busy. Enjoy your family gathering next week.

    My post is here, happy weekend!

  5. We are always busy also. I like it though it is nice to have a "down day" once in a while.

  6. Hi Dora, wonderful photo. Looks like a great place to relax on a hot summer day.

    Happy belated 4th of July. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  7. You must have a short growing season for your garden being so far north. Hopefully you'll get some tasty vegetables.

  8. I'm stopping by from the UBC and Facebook - it seems you and I posted at the same time, and I missed your post when I commented on two other people's blogs!

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your family's life! I see a lot of people doing "photo" blog posts instead of just writing - I enjoy taking pics, so I'm starting to think I should consider blogging with pictures once in awhile, too! ;-)

  9. You are busy! That was a lot to cover, but you did it and with photo’s. I liked that a lot. I hope that bird stops eating at the veggies. How many sons do you have? Family reunions are exciting times, I love them - but they are usually a lot of work for me too because I’m on the committee for both sides of my family! Oh yeah, coffee’s on!
    Elizabeth T, Early Rise

  10. most children are always on the go. clear proof of good health. happy weekend!

  11. I loved splashing in the pool as a kid and still do! :) Great pics for the themes.

    my WW blog post for this week

  12. My children love splashing in the swimming pool too. It's great that your hubby has been a good companion since his retirement.

  13. Anonymous4:14 AM

    It is amazing how much work is required with a house. There is always something else to work on!


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