Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pro Capitalism I Won't Confess To It II

A short time ago I blog about wages staying stagnate but now is what is a livable wage. I only balance one check in my entire life and that was 30 some years ago. Some how it doesn't matter what we take in some how we keep our head above water.
I crunch in some number what I thought would be a livable wage. Every time I came up with a different fact of figures....We could survive on $500 a month but still wouldn't classify that as a livable wage. That $500 a month would be fine but it doesn't cover any "Oh shit" that may come long.
Consider I have no rent or house-payment and not big consumer of things. No need to have the latest newfangled items that is out on the market.
I would say between $1,000 to $2,000 we could live comfortable. Cover pretty much any thing that may be toss at us.
I know if we had a big medical expense the $1,000 to $2,000 wouldn't amount to hill of beans.
Now I know there other circumstance one couldn't live as we do.
If one has children and either pay rent or a mortgage living on $1,000 to $2,000 a month may be different story.
Any business who is listed on any of the stock exchange should be able to pay a livable wage. Maybe a good conversation should also be on Exploitation of workers.
Wages gone down when the unions started to get busted during President Ronnie the clown (Reagan). Ronnie thought the trickle down economy would work
What usual happen the surf get a few trinkets toss to them and the royalty lines more of there pocket with jewels and gold.
Yes indeed we are repeating the gilded age and don't forget the robber barons.
The economy needs to be grown from the middle out. Which simple mean we need a strong middle class.
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  1. Livable wages- what a question. I guess for everyone it is different. I live in NYC and I know I certainly couldn't live off of $500 a month, $2,000 a month is pushing it as well. To live a comfortable life, dependent upon where you are can mean so many different things. I am always astounded to hear the minimum wage numbers. I don't see how anyone can comfortably live off of minimum wage- especially in New York. If a person is working and putting in some effort, they should be compensated honorably and fairly- I don't think minimum wage honors any ones efforts.

  2. Great Writing!!!

  3. I agree with growing the economy from the middle out, but am not sure how to accomplish it. Seems like the prosperous time of the 1950's and 1960's are gone.

  4. One funny fact is that, no matter how much people earn, most of them state taht if only they had a little more, they would finally be out of deep water. (Richard, all the time.) These days when I remember what I used to live on during my university days (600.-€, of which I had to save enough to pay tuition), I can hardly believe it.

  5. Living on USD500 a month for me is really too tough. Prices of necessities are rising too fast.

  6. it's hard to see things getting any better for the working poor as long as the supply of labor outstrips the jobs available.

    my kids couldn't get good jobs when they graduated from university so they went back to grad school now they have good jobs.

    years ago a high school education was enough.

    then a bachelors degree was enough.

    now a grad degree is required.

    what's next?


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