Monday, June 17, 2013

Goldilocks Must Been Serving Time.

This morning looking at the royal sunshine flower bed. I felt please how it coming about. I'm becoming more focus on the “good will” flower bed.
Not saying that I won't add or re-range in the sunshine flower bed.
Monday I go over and help Carrie. She only gets two and half hours a week. There not bad at all to work for compare to some of them. It's real to bad she doesn't get any more hours and at this point I don't see it.
After I got done with Carrie I swung by Murphette and Alice gave me some plates to give to her. Plus some snail mail came of her to our address.
I drove over to harvest and got a few items, under $10.00.
Now it do time to tell you. We saw a black bear with a brown cinnamon color coat. I didn't get the camera out in time to take a picture. There something about a “bear ” really fascinates me. I don't say much about it around here.
People like that are called goofy environmentalist around here. Plus I know there wild animal not cuddly.

Question time....Does a bear shit in the woods?...Confession time....I've never seen bear shit in the woods before.

The bear grass wasn't total mature. Actual I thought it was on the small size compare to the stuff on chunk basin.
Looking at it sort of reminds me of yucca plant. I know people grows them around here.

Murphy and I stop and which we did quite a bit as we drove. I was looking over the edge down a steep bank to the creek below. Ball creek is just plain steep. There no other word. Places it just wise to crawl on your hands and knees.
As I was looking over. Murphy notice a hive planted up in the rock face. Saw nothing swarming around.

Coffee is on


  1. Sounds like a beautiful place up there in the mountains. Is that bear sign? Or a big dog or something? :-)

  2. "Goldilocks Must Been Serving Time."


    I've never seen a bear shit in the woods either but I know that they do, and I've been known to shit in the woods myself. :-)


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