Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (lazy-unusual perspective)

Some member on my mother side, including my own mother looks at reading as a form of laziness. Which brings on poverty.
What I understand their mother my grandma read a lot and things didn't get done like they should of. Even my husband has some of the same attitude as my mom did about reading, his mom read a lot also.
I do read but I like a variety of activities. I don't want to get any part of my life in a big rut. Or be some narrow minded that I won't learn.
Right now I'm reading Pearl Buck novel “The Good Earth”
Confession time...I shouldn't be talking to loud...I could spend less time on the computer...Statement time...I wish they had a better internet connection out in the boonies.
When out looking for firewood one want to look for dead trees. They are times when one will think they spot a dead tree, stand among the living. They think the tree is dead and they walk up the hill side and can't fine the tree that they saw from the road. Then they find it and look it over and make sure it dead.
Start up the chain saw go though all the work of getting it out. Then notice it's only 98.3% dead. Which really doesn't happen all that often. Now there been a lot of unusual perspective out cutting fire wood.
We never went up check out these trees to see if they were good and dead.
Next weekend photo hunt themes are glass  and or show hands


  1. I don't think reading is a sign of laziness at all, I read a lot but I've also been very active all my life.

    Firewood permits are getting harder to get here. I don't know if we can cut down dead standing trees or not but we can cut up any tree that is down, like the wind blowing one over.

  2. I love to read, but I not really lazy, well ok...sometimes ;)

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. I used to read a lot, then I got lazy. :P

    Wishing you a great Mother's Day!

  4. Anonymous6:46 AM

    I read a lot too and I'm certainly not lazy...infact I am too active and forget I need to rest too, so reading actually slows me down... You can learn such a lot from reading too

  5. BBC...There something about art form of words that grabs me and intrigue me...Now for firewood. Getting a wood permit is easy. I believe the cost is $20 for 5 cords here. The thing is finding decent legal wood fairly close to the road.

    Sue..Yesterday Monday the 13th I was lazy.

    ELC...Oh there so many things I want to read...I know I want get to them all

    Greenfingers..Sure hope your reading something good...How the harvest doing


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