Saturday, April 06, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (Peace and Tranquility-Quirky)

I find peace and tranquility working in the garden. I don't know what it is but I love to rub my hands though the dirt.
Now this seem like a quirky way of getting to a fire. Actual firemen ran the hose to the fire. I wonder if they every save in thing in the past

Next weekend photo hunt themes are Scrumptious  and or Where do you sit when watching TV

Well it looks like Murphette is going to be soon settle in her new home. Her daughter Annie and son in law Dave left Texas Thursday evening and should be in Courd'Alene around Midnight on Saturday.

Murphette will be seeing her first Grandchild Earl. She been crotchet a blanket for him. I still have my baby blanket.

So there is a strong possible that Murphette will be in her place on the Northside ny next week. Her ex Clovis is let her stay in the place
But I wonder how well it going to all work out. Both of her younger daughters and there hubby will be living there, with their husband. Editor Note...Her youngest daughter Edna is living with a guy.
I know years ago family here live in multi family units. But once social security start that pretty much eliminate that.
Both Murphy and I had great grandparents that live with one of there children.
But with economic reason it seam to be happen more and more now.
One thing I can't imagine even back then everyone in those multi family unit always live in peace and harmony.

Murphette been rent a room from us, $200 a month. I wrote out rental agreement so she could keep her benefits. Which is SSI, medicaid, and food-stamps.
Her income is between $750 and $800. I just can't recall the exact amount. But now there allowing her $16.00 worth food stamps now (Snap program)
She stay with us last summer and paid nothing for rent and received $30 a month in food stamps. Like everyone else she got a raise, 2012 her income was $750. 

But what I fine more disgusting that Niles works at Energy Log place and they only pay him $11.00 an hour. Murphy was working in the sawmill in the early to mid 80's and was making a little bit over $10.00 an hour. That's dangerous work and Murphy end up messing up his back.
Plus at the time Murphy worked at mill the worker had full health insurance coverage. Niles doesn't have any medical insurance though the place he works.
Sawmill work is dangerous. 
We're going to sign a petition to legalize medical marijuana  in the state of Idaho. Last figure I heard that the farm bureau put two hundred thousand to block it.
I find most people who are real against legalize marijuana in any form are most likely 40 or so years ago would be against the right for the African American to have the right to vote.

 Coffee is on.


  1. Hi Peppylady --

    Sounds like you're quite the earthy person with your love of rubbing your hands through dirt.

    Read your other bits. So you're a grandma? And that's terrible re the low pay for dangerous and hard work. Good luck with your kin getting better pay -- and also with the legalizing medical marijuana petition.

  2. I love gardening but I always wear gloves....wishing you a lovely week ahead!


  3. Lots of my friends find peace and tranquility in garden work ! Not me, lol !
    Congratulations to sign for legalization of Marijuana ! That's not a hard drug like alcohol or heroin for example but can also be a very good medication ! The once who sit now in our governments all smoked Marijuana in the 70th !!

  4. I find peace and tranquility when camping.

  5. Having coffee with you is always fun!
    Happy Hunting~


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