Monday, April 22, 2013

Ho Hum An A Soft Tune.

Nothing or hardly every thing happen that draws in “drama” in our life. No this posting isn't on any type of drama.
Generally speaking my life is pretty dam “uneventful”

I been getting out walking a little more. Down below from us they did some logging on the edge of a forest. Notice a faller bunchier machine is sitting down under BPA power line. If your wonder what a faller bunchier is...It's a piece of machine that does four things..Fall a tree, limbs one, cut logs into the proper length, and stacks them.
An it only takes one operator to run the equipment. 
I have to say I did pretty good in what I've been eating but Saturday my hubby and I went on sweet binge. Oh things happen.
I been working on walking to a church out to my area. I'm now at the seventh power line pole. Every time I go and walk in my neighborhood, I go up to the next pole.
Roughly round trip I'm doing about mile of walking. 
It still pretty snippy when it comes to the weather. Not anything big is in bloom in my flowerbeds. I have some grape hyacinth blooming now, about 3 inches tall.
I also got some other small hyacinth which are yellow. Same height but there called banana.
Move and transplanted two lavender bushes.

We haven't put anything out this season. But we started a few more items like yellow pear tomatoes and asian sweet peppers.
Bought are seed potatoes. Look like we're going to grow red ones only, minnesota and kennbec.

Did get last shelf clean out of the third roll in the barn/shed. Found some pots and pans took some steal wool to.
Both us decided on the stuff we need or wanted to get rid wasn't worth taking to thrift store.
The items in this box went back out to the shed/barn.
One more roll to go though.

Coffee is on.


  1. Sometime I crave for the peace and tranquility of the countryside. Living in one of the most populated cities in the world, it is hard to find a place like yours where I can plant my favourite flowers or vegetables. Hugs from sunny Singapore :)

  2. I see firewood...


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