Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Twelve Bottle For Advent

I don't know why I just can't get into the gear to get ready for the holiday season. It not the first time we are cash strap for the holidays.
We have never put our self in debt and I this year we're spending $15 to $20 on our two sons and also their sweetie. $207 been spent on present.
I'm pretty much done shopping, in my figuring I even figured in the two gifts I haven't pick up. One will be for my son Sawyer which I'm stump what to get him and we need to pick up a gift for the family adult gift exchange.
Minus the Christmas Cards and the stamps which came to $23. Then I should subtract $10 for the pets. The only grandchildren I have are grand-pets. So all in all I need to take off $33 from $207 which leaves us $174 for the present...that is 15 gifts which comes out to $11.60 a present.

Yesterday my friend Qunelle and I went shopping in Bonners Ferry. I didn't pick up that much I spot a gift for Sawyer girl friend Betty. The time I spot it I wasn't sure if I want to get it or not so I look around a bit. Stop in this morning before I went to work I bought it.
Most of our holiday shopping was done in our local variety store Huckleberries. Quenelle spend a lot more then I did she buys for 4 children in need.
Not trying to be critical of her giving but I bet most of the gift she got will be just toss out shortly after receiving them. I try to purchase quality not quantity. But I understand if your working with limited funds.
I did pick up one item and donate it to our local community charity “Care and Share”.
Confession time...I know I sound like a hypocrite.

I haven't done any baking for the holiday and have mix feeling on it. There only two of us here and I can't see just making a bunch of goodies for two of us. Confession time...I like the taste of holiday treats.
But in this morning paper out of Spokane they had an article on a cookie exchange. I think that's the way to go....In the nutshell this is how one works...Invite people telling them to bring 5 dozen cookies and container to put cookies in.
Now the host will take a dozen cookies from each person and lay them out so the guest can sample them. The other four dozen cookies will be held back. Let the guest sample the cookies and sip on a drink or two also do a little visiting. Then the cookies which are left are divide equal among the guest. So everyone will have a nice variety of cookies to take home.
I think my Sister in law Faith place would be a place to hold one. I don't think it right to put upon her. She has enough to do. I might talk to her and I'll do the set up and clean up afterward. But who knows right now it seem like a lot of people have the crud.

Now if your wondering what an advent bottles are. Simple you get 12 bottles for the advent season and drink one for each day. You can drink them by your self or share them. I thought it would be nice to share.
I tried to find something on google but the only thing I found was baby bottle and breast pumps.

Coffee is on.

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  1. I haven't done anything about christmas for years, I think it's all nonsense, mostly a way for capitalists to get more money from you.

    If I want to give someone something I can do that anytime I like, not when they are expecting something from me, my friends know damn good and well they are not getting anything from me at christmas, not even a damn card.

    Cooking a fancy meal for two is a pain in the ass, we go to whatever dinner we can find where they do the cooking and wash the dishes.


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