Sunday, November 11, 2012

Helping Hand With Responsibility

A good week ago part of my photo hunt theme was on angry .
I would like to take this posting a little farther then I did with it.

During the election people talk about the 47% well wake up if your reading this there a good chance your one of those people, like me.
I here people gripping about people on welfare. I don't know about other states but here in Idaho one can only receive welfare benefit for total of 24 months.
I knew someone who was receiving welfare and the new welfare law came in. So they went on disability. Opinion time...So it looks like it welfare to disability...the new welfare program....sure there are those who did find employment.
A least this lazy bum aren't drawing a welfare check they got pride now there on disability.

I have no trouble anyone needing a helping hand though are different social program. Now I'll probably piss off Grandparents and those who are possible receiving a regular social security there is certain bounds needs to be follow....If not the old folks and others will loose all their benefits....I'm including those on food stamps, welfare both S.S.I and S.S.D, and etc.

One might be having some type of reaction to setting bounds on people who gets a check from the tax payers.
These bounds don't need to so strict that one doesn't have a little pleasure in there life.

Opinion time...these items should be used on limited bases...alcoholic beverages, nicotine....nicotine is a dangerous drug, sugar, fat, caffeine, and etc

Believe me I've seen people abuse these above substance and the keep getting there monthly check. The one's see most abuse are liquor...I seen people drink there self into such stupor that there actual overdose. Then there dried up and get there check and start drinking again.

Then they puff away on a cigarettes gag like noose around there neck. Ride though the store in one of those carts buying more cigarette and cashing a government check.

The two above is perfectly legal.

Now also plenty of abuse with fat and sugar on my job. Plus any age of person can purchase these thing.
The fat and sugar need to have some bounds on them.

Now I'm almost done shooting off my mouth....I know there people who won't stay in certain bounds take there checks from them...even grandparents who get regular social security check hell I get tired seeing on oxygen from smoking and my guess medicaid or medicare is paying for other social program from the government.
I know people will step out of the bounds and never get other people will make sure they can also get what isn't aloud to them.
The pharmaceutical companies wouldn't like this because the people will have to take some responsibility for there own they collected lot of there money though medicare and medicaid a big welfare receiver.
There are people who have legit reason to use prescription medicine.

There will be some who will take responsibility for there own health and those who don't I guess they can suffer the penalty what every that may be.

I have no short coming someone have a beer or so ,even a toke on a marijuana cigarette, or that morning cup of coffee and etc.
One thing they could expand there way of treating this people to other forms such as one may call natural medicine under a professional care and guidelines.

This was going to be on the finical cliff I keep hearing about...I guess this is one area that need some changing...Don't worry there a lot more then this one.
I know this is my blog and I have right to my opinion.

Coffee is on.


  1. I don't own this world a damn penny and I'll spend some of my money on beer if I want to, it's my prozac.

  2. I don't drink nor smoke. Have been trying to eat more healthily though.


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