Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Mouth Scrubbing.

Yesterday and toward the late afternoon I tried posting my blog. I would get going and the power would go off. Working with a desk top and dial up one can run into troubles.
So with no light and I couldn't fine my tooth brush. Usually my tooth brush is purple. But a short time I bought a new one, when they were on sale.
I bet your wondering why I'm telling you about brushing my teeth. Our bathroom the main one is so dark and once one looses power one can't fine anything...finding toilet paper is like reading braille.
Confession time..I have a real hang up about taking care of my teeth. There a lot of people around here who has no teeth for my different reasons. It seem not to bother them to go around majority of the time not wearing there dentures.
I guess I have some vanity about my self. See I need to keep enough in saving if I lost my teeth I could buy some type of false teeth.

Now on to the going on Samhain Siren day 3 well there posting on herbs. Strange they mention about parsley and it to be rub on tombstones...I just dried some and it's going to be use in cooking.
But once again there having a drawing for a Herbal Home Cleaning Kit 
I would have to say I would possible be interested in the “healing salve”

But considering this is a work day...One will have to pop on over to Samhain Siren to get today recipe which is brought to you by She Knows
Also there is how to do paper mache. In first grade we made mask with paper mache.

So tonight is our first presidential debate. I hear less then 5% of the population aren't sure how their going to cast there ballot for.
I can tell you how Idaho will vote...Romney will take Idaho and I would be shocked if Obama get 7% percent here.
The only thing I'm sure glad this MB didn't take the republican nomination for the presidency. If she got it I would voted for Obama. I think MB is a nut case.
So I'll be casting my vote for JS instead.
I don't approve that those who vote only has 2 choices to choose from. Only once I every vote for a main party candidate. I voted for Kerry on Bush 2nd run for office of President.

 3rd day of blogging and the coffee is on.

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  1. My teeth and I always hated each other so a few years back I got the last of them jerked out. I get along just fine without them, and some women like to have their nipples gummed. :-)

    In any event, I'm not making dentists richer anymore so they can live better than I do, the greedy assholes.


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