Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Photo Hunt (Dodgy-Travel)

I had to get out an older dictionary and look up the word Dodgy for part of this week photo hunt. It would be a good base for a sci-fi movie or a book. With twist of espionage in it.
But how to use it in sentence I couldn't come up with a thing.

  At time I travel by foot and shadow sometime follows behind or side me. But this time it was a head of me.

 Next weekend photo hunt themes hand and or kitchen

I got though the week. Took Quenella to her eye appointment and it look like her cataracts are ready to come off.
I would say they were first notice about 2 years ago and was waiting until she turn 65 so medicare would kick in.
I know she gets a little above $1,000 a month with her social security check.
Opinion time...It pretty unfair someone has to wait because they can't afford medical treatment.

I finish up the week at Joel and Candy. I heard from Candy why the other girl walked out. I real didn't want to know.
I've done home care long enough, believe me it's not an easy job such bullshit and I complete understand why someone would walk off the job.

Took a little bit of time in the late afternoon when I got off work. Dug up some quack grass in hodgepodge flowerbed and other things that don't belong in there.
dug out the bulbs and sat them on the front steps. There some plants I want to move to a different spot in the hodgepodge flowerbed but I'm not sure the best route to go.
At the end of each month I like to set out and read some different blogs other then what I have listed on the right side of my blog. Which I call my “Coffee Drinkers”
This time I visit and comment blogs over at patheos a bunch of different religious blogs. They don't necessarily talk about hard core fire and brimstone faith.
Party and have fun during this year Samhain blog celebration. It look like 5 witches are doing something exciting for this month of spooky things.
Please stop over at samhain sirens they also have a facebook page for Samhain Sirens.
  The fun don't begin until October.



  1. I too didn't know the word dodgy, lol ! Now I know a new word ! and I too have always this shadow which travels with me, only when it rains it doesn't show up besides or in front of me, strange !

  2. Maybe your shadow is being dodgy.

  3. You remind me of the song Me and My Shadow.

    Quenella is doing better with her check than I'm doing on my own.

  4. Cold hard fact of life, if you are rich you can afford health care, if you're not rich you will die sooner. Of course luck could be on your side, I've made it almost 70 years with next to no health care.

  5. LoL!
    I'm glad you found something to go with this weeks photohunt~ I had to google the word myself :-)
    I always enjoy sharing a morning coffee with you.

  6. I found this week's theme a challenge as well

  7. It's a challenge alright but I get to learn a new word. :)

    As a caregiver to an elderly, sickly MIL I can understand why many people do not want the job.

  8. This is one of things I love about the PhotoHunt, it gives us all words/themes at times that we have to find out what on earth the word means. A great learning experience.

    My dodgy is at


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