Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Weather Report for August 2012 and Other Stuff.

The warmest day was August 4th 92.8 (33.7)
The coldest day was August 29 & 30 24.8 (-4)
The average high for the month was 84.8 (29.3)
The average low for the month was 31.7 (-0.1)
Rainfall for the month was .25 (0.6)

I did finish my walk to end of the field. There were some stuff back in the woods in corner like a deer stand.
A hay baler but with a large engine hooked to it.
But this silver item. I'm not sure what it is.

I kept better track what we spend except for fuel for the rigs
August bill looks like this
Northern lights which is our electricity $60.93
Phone bill $20.77
Water bill $41.00
Avista which is our gas $5.11
Lab work $19.96
So the total spend for the month $147. 77
Now for the food I kind of broke it down a little but I there could be some debate what is whole, foolish food, and prepared foods.
Whole foods came to $255.92
Foolish foods came to $67.08
Prepared foods came to $45.03
Non Foods came to $72.02
So the total spend for the month $440.05
So all of this was for 3 people 1 dog and 3 cats. But if you just want to break it down to just people the cost per meal was $1.57...3 meals a day.
Confession time...the foolish part was mainly at Starbucks.

Last thing I start to paint and pour up some of my ceramics.


  1. You are doing really good with the cost break down per a person. I have been able to down size our budget a bit my self.

  2. It's amazing what one can do with homemade meals. On average, I try to spend as little as 7.50€ per person per day, including snacks (nuts, fruit) and extras.


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