Friday, September 21, 2012

Sort of Like and Not.

At times I actual think I should be doing a lot more done then what I do....Scarey thought....But like always we do get some stuff done.

Slowly I been picking away at the shop/garage. Murphette left not many items in our shop/garage nothing big so I'm packing things a little tighter and taking it to her storage unit....which I really don't mine doing.
But she left her false teeth stuff and some stuff I know she would enjoy receiving. One of her books and a light bed spread.
The package cost me about $15.00 to send down to Bakersfield.
Plus I send $5.00 so I could get an key made for her daughters storage unit. I don't care how she handles it, she can get a copy down there or send me her key and I'll make a copy.
I had a key one time but I could swear I stuck in a holder in the dash board.
I don't want to put the blame on anyone but her daughter Annie and son in law Dave was with me when the key come up missing.
It does matter it just needs to be replace.
Both Quenella and I would like to finish up getting there stuff out of our place before the snow flies.
Quenella has Murphette daughter Doris belonging at her place.
I bet I'm even sounding like a hypocrite one moment I don't mine helping but I don't want  her items out of the garage/shop.

I was wanting to get back to cleaning more on the shop/barn. But last 2 days of the work week I filled in for Alice and then for her daughter Nicole, clients.
Plus Ellie want me to stop by and I will be going pass her place and she said she needs a few things.

But one thing I did was give away the old scale my parents had for their commercial berry business.
We gave it to Fynn who has a produce business.
It made more room in the barn/shed.
Editor note..I had trouble putting up the picture.

After that we went over to Murphy sister Faith gave her some produce from our garden. She ended up giving us some apples, on the small side and a few worm holes which can be taken care of easy enough.
One of Faith neighbor across the street has a tree of Italian prunes and we got some.
Went and pick up some banana on sale at super one sale, Saturday the 15th morning they had bananas for .38¢ a pound picked up some to dry.
Editor Note...Also had trouble with this picture

It takes about 4 bananas for tray and I did 3 trays that I spiced up the bananas. The spices I used was clove, allspice and nutmeg.

As other things we been putting up. Freezing all sort of peppers, froze a little bit of fennel bulb and root.

Then there is the flower bed. I got the royal sunshine flowerbed trim back like it should have been. Dug up some bulbs and move them in where they should of went the first place.
I ordered some bulbs. Usual around here they come the end of September or the first part of October.
One thing I notice but didn't notice when I send in order for some flowering alliums they don't send them to Idaho.
I guess I'll have to see what happens.

The other flower bed Hodge Podge flowerbed Murphy trim up the roses. Then I clean out between the flowers and the foundation.

So now I need to lay something between the roses and the foundation of the place. We have some bricks behind the barn/shed not sure I really want to use it for permeable solution.
Then it look like there quite a bit to preserve here now.

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