Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kaput...What Else Could Be Said.

We're still stabbing at things around here.

I don't what gave Murphy the ideal to remove the shower off of our bedroom. The shower been kuput for quite while now.
We scantly talk a little bit about redoing the bathroom. We both agree the bathroom needs to be redone. But the question is what and how.
But in mean time there other fish to be fried around the place.

Got to more box packed up of Murphette stuff. I would guess there 3 or less boxes of stuff remaining. Opinion time....Some of her stuff is just broken piece of crap...personal I think a bit of it should have been haul to the dump.
I haven't been tossing any of her stuff out. Confession time...Ok a few piece which was broken I tossed. An old magazine and couple of broken picture frame.

Murphy and I got all the potatoes dug up and stored. We hasn't quite sure how we should store them. With out putting any money into it.
So we or should say he dug a hole in part of the barn/shed. Put an old holey tarp in bottom of it and dump in potatoes.
Threw an old sheet over the top. Then put about 2 ½ inches of Styrofoam insulation. Then one can see we used an old bed comfort.
Can up 10 pints of tomatoes.

Once again I filled in for most of the week. Early in week Alice called me to fine out how often I could go out to Candy and Joel place over by Montana. Well I have time to go over on Friday morning I know she was disappointed that I couldn't give any more hours but once again I too have a full plate but under control.
Her daughter Nicole and I feel the same way about home care. don't care for it at all Not sure why or what she dislikes Confession time..I feel like I'm just helping these people dig there graves...lot of time I feel like I'm enabling them...but it sat up that way.
Not sure what going on with Ellie. I post in a past blog what her cost would be and my ideal
Once in while I drive Qunelle some places she only drive locally and in the day light hours. She has cataracts and needs to see the eye doctor in Sandpoint.
Question time...what is it with me and some people?

I have Bart dog “Carson” who is mostly greyhound. Actual he is pretty good nature guy. Not the brightest bulb and little bit on bullheaded side.
If your wondering why I got Carson. Bart went to Portland to see his girl friend Edna.
Editor note...Bart picked up Carson.
I been scratching away at some ceramic pieces. Usual I end up doing ornaments. 
I been trying to get my small kiln filled up. At the thrift stores I will pick up ceramic pieces that is done in acrylics re-fire the paint off and re-due them.
But the main thing is that it been cleaned correctly

I've even scored on bisque which hasn't been painted.
I don't know if you notice the edge or not there is a complete bottom of greenware waiting to be fired.

I want to get more done on the shed/barn well I can't say it went completely kuput. I got rid of an steel type of pan and an old scale my parents use for the berry patch. Plus the week isn't over yet but the remain week I could say the kuput might as well be down for the count.

Coffee is on. 


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  1. Slap some cement board on the walls of the shower and put some tile or plastic shit on top and that project is whipped.

    Best to store spuds in straw or sawdust without them touching each other.


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